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Located in Vancouver Washington, Nw Pain Relief Center provides the most scientifically evidence-based care in a relaxed, warm, and caring atmosphere. Providing Non-Invassive FDA Cleared Solutions for your Neck and Back Pain including Non-Invassive Spinal Decompression, Cold Laser Therapy and Diabetic Neuropathy.

Our service areas include Vancouver, Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Milwaukie, Camas and Salmon Creek. Look at our videos at http://360painrelief.com. Schedule Your Free Consultation, Call 360-433-9580 Today!

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"After 7 weeks of care, I can sleep at night, I can walk and I can now wear shoes which I wasn't able to before care. I am very happy with the results I got here at the NW Pain Relief Center."
"I had burning in my feet, and my calves cramped and ached when I came. It made it very hard to get to sleep, without patches and or Bengay. I would toss and turn and sometimes take a sleep aid and or Excedrin PM to try to get to sleep Those didn't really help.
After coming here the first time, I was able to go to sleep without ANYTHING. This has continued. I would say my legs are 98% better and my feet 50-60% better.
The home therapy has helped tremendously and I plan on continuing it.

Review Verified on 4/25/2012
"After 13 spinal surgeries, I had severe neuropathy pain in my feet. I am blown away by my results. I am totally pain free now and am very grateful to this clinic. The staff are very knowledgeable and extremely accommodating."
"I had pain and severe balance troubles before care. My tingling is 90% improved, I can sleep now at night and my balance has improved dramatically. I am very happy with the results from my treatment."
"This has been a life changing event in my life! One foot is great and the other is well on it's way to feeling fantastic. I would recommend recommend this to anyone!"
"I came in about two months ago with allot of pain in my feet. As I went through the treatment sure enough the pain started to go away and mobility returned. This has made a HUGE difference in my life!"
"Pain has greatly reduced since starting treatment 7 weeks ago."
"I originally came in because of my neuropathy. The doctor said that he could help me as long as I was willing to work on my general health. I went through a very extensive program and after 3 months I don't have the neuropathy symptoms with exception of some numbness. But more impressively, my A1C is down to 4.9, which is normal. My triglycerides went from 208 to 93! My cholesterol is now at 160. As a result of this, my doctor took me off 3 medications. He told me that this is the first time in 30+ years of being a doctor, that he has taken a patient off 3 medications, especially for blood pressure and diabetes. I am thrilled with how I am doing as a result of the treatment."
"I have had a fantastic change in my life. I able to do things around the house without having to stop. I have had many benefits that I didn't expect. I can vacuum without having to rest my back or my feet."
"I came in with burning and sharp in my feet to where I couldn't walk more than 1/2 mile. After just a few weeks of care, I am able to do more and am very pleased with the results."
"I came to Dr Werner Marksfeld with a lot of skepticism not believing that he could really help me. However, after my very thorough evaluation I could see that Dr. Marksfeld might be my solution. I am now able to walk for the first time without a cane. I am doing a lot more physical activities than I did prior to my treatment for neuropathy. I suggest you come into this with an open mind. Dr Marksfeld will tell you if he can truly help you or not. It's been life changing for me."
"Prior to starting treatment I had completely lost my independence where I was not able to drive or wear shoes due to the pain of my neuropathy. After 6 weeks of care I am now able to drive myself, wear normal shoes and do things I wasn't able to prior to care. I am now able to shop for the first time in 2 years!"
"I was wheel chair bound, had little to no range of motion and was in a lot of pain. As a result of the 8 weeks of care, I have more range of motion, little to no pain and I am able to walk again. I feel better now than I have felt in 30 years."
"This has increased the quality of my life more than anything over the last 25 years of pain. I haven't ever had results like this. It has been a real blessing."
"When I came in I had severe burning and sharp pain in my feet. I wasn't able to work or hardly walk. 5 weeks later I have no pain at all and have been able to get back to work. They all thought I was faking my neuropathy at work because of how I am doing now."
"I started a few weeks ago. I had acute pain down from my hip to my foot. I came to NW Pain Relief Center to see if I could make my pain subside and now after a week of therapy the pain is completely gone!! I am more relaxed and I am not taking any more pain medication. I am hopeful that the treatment will be permanent and the pain will disappear completely!!"
"I was in a lot of physical pain with my left hip. I learned that I needed an artificial hip & I refused. I came here as an alternative and my pain has decreased. After a few treatments I can walk in house without my cane!! I am able to stand much taller than before...!! I highly recommend NW Pain Institute."
"I had a very bad backache for at least a year. I have had 3 treatments now and there is no sign now that I have to use my cane!!"
"I have had back problems for the last several years. When I came to the NW I was in considerable pain but after 3 treatments my pain has subsided and I feel like I have help. I would say I have regained about 90% of movements now. I would recommend to anybody!"
"I am 73 yrs old and for the last 7 years I could not walk without pain. I have tried steroids, pain medication & physical therapy...BUT since I have been at the NW Pain Institute I have gone from a pain level of 10 to a pain level of 1!!!I was home bound and NOW I CAN LIVE....I was skeptical but it works."
"I've been with the program now for 10 visits! I was terribly bothered with neuropathy and had t have a shoulder operation and fractured many ribs. My pain keeping me up at night has subsided and I am excited to say I think I will be done within the next few visits!!"
"After 20 exams and treatments feet have doubled in overall improvement! I am very happy with the results and looking forward to continued improvement!"
"When I first came in I was in a lot of pain and I wasn't sleeping at night! I was skeptical thinking of the investment. I knew I needed to do something to improve my health and NW Pain Institute has increased my level of health I would say 100%!"
"We both saw great results from the start to the end of our treatments."

Review Verified on 8/15/2012
"I had tried every type of treatment and just about every kind of pain pills and nothing worked. I noticed a change seriously after the first treatment. By the 5th week, I could actually start doing things that I haven't done in yrs. Tomorrow is my last session (other than maintenance). I have to honestly say I am 95% better and I'm off pain pills. I went to my "pain doctor" and he couldn't believe the difference. He had told me that I was one of his worst cases to manage and that if something could help me, then he wants to know what it's all about. I'm happy to know that I can change the mind of a doctor! I am so grateful to know that the disease that I have can now be managed without a bunch of pills and pain!!!"

Review Verified on 6/6/2012


"Treatments are going fine. I am enjoying them. I am noticing a lot of difference. I have improved balance and more feeling in my feet and legs."
"I have had great success with my treatment. I started with a great amount of loss of feeling in my feet. Now halfway through my treatment I have more than half of it back. Yahoo!!! http://www.facebook.com/sylvia.hunterdowney ...."

Review Verified on 5/14/2012


"I have to say I received incredible service from the entire staff from start to finish. I look forward to a healthy relationship for years to come and plan on referring my friends and family as the occasion arises!


Review Verified on 11/30/2011
"I really enjoyed the education and I feel so MUCH better!! Thanks to the entire staff!! Very glad I found you!


Review Verified on 11/29/2011
"After many months of neuropathy pain, primarily at night in my feet, I came toNW Pain Relief Center somewhat skeptical of their treatment program for my condition. Prior to starting my treatment it was impossible to sleep a full night due to sporadic severe pain instances involving mostly the area from my ankles down through my feet. This pain was so intense that it would cause me to wake up and sometimes result in no sleep the remainder of the night. I was also experiencing pain when walking and exercise became almost unattainable. For over a year I had to rely on a cane to maintain my balance, and even then had some instances of falling without warning. My physician had told me it would take drugs to relieve the pain and get total balance back. When I tried them they did nothing but make me tired all the time and my eyesight was blurred to a point driving was impossible, reading a book was out of the question. My eye surgeon told me that it was the neuropathy drugs and if I kept taking them I would damage my vision further. After stopping the medication I researched other methods of treatment and came to Dr. Marksfeld for a consultation. Just hearing him say there were ways to reduce this neuropathy and actually improve my nerve system that were not drug induced made me feel like there was some hope. After about ten sessions at the clinic I started to notice the pain was becoming more and more infrequent. I was actually feeling much better and sleeping all night with no issues walking or need for the cane. By the end of my treatment period I felt fully cured due to the treatments coupled with the home therapy they teach you. I am back to walking, light physical workouts, fully rested and ready to get my body and life back into top shape. This entire experience was wonderful, with the no drugs pain free result I was seeking."

Review Verified on 11/16/2011


"My experience at NW Pain Relief Center has "changed" my life. I had been in severe OA pain for so many years. I felt so helpless and depressed. The knee treatments and injections have given me the miracle of being "Pain Free" and has given me Hope and Happiness-What a huge change!!
I am grateful to all of you who have taken such good care of me. I thank you and appreciate you. You are all my Hero's!!

Review Verified on 6/13/2013


"Since I've been getting knee treatments, this has made use of my knees extremely better with no pain. I am able to get around and do more now than I was able to before the treatments."

Review Verified on 6/13/2013


"This was a very positive experience. It has taken the burning away completely. I can walk alot without sitting down every so often. I will continue to do my homework and come back in sometime."

Review Verified on 8/20/2012


"One of the things I have felt from doing treatment is feeling more stable on my feet. I have more feeling in my feet. I couldn't feel the gas peddle under my foot. I have less sharp pains in my legs. My knees have less pain going up stairs. Numbness on my knee has improved by 50%."

Review Verified on 8/16/2012


"I appreciated the way treatment was provided and the courtesy and explanation given with each procedure. My feet and toes feel a lot better."

Review Verified on 8/16/2012



Review Verified on 8/16/2012


"I so appreciate the help I received at the NW Pain Institute. What a wonderful feeling it was to feel the cold floor on the bottom of my feet again. I am now walking further than I was before I began treatment and am looking forward to further improvement."

Review Verified on 6/5/2012


"Before I came in to the NW Pain Institute, I had trouble walking any distance. I couldn't go up and down stairs. My balance was an issue. I had pain when working in the yard and standing. Now after treatments, I walk up stairs much better. I don't lose my balance. I don't have the cramping or the burning in my feet. I am sleeping better. This has been a wonderful place."

Review Verified on 6/5/2012


"Staff is very good. I am having some change towards the good."

Review Verified on 6/4/2012


"friendly, efficient"

Review Verified on 5/29/2012


"When came because my feet were always burning. After treatments my feet are doing much much better. I can sleep well, and cover my feet with a blanket and they don't hurt. The treatments are excellent work. Numbness is gone. No more needle pains. I can stand longer now. I feel good. I can fix dinner for my family."

Review Verified on 5/24/2012


"You communicate good. You give good treatments. My legs are getting better. My lower back is getting there, too. My legs just ached, pins and needles, its hard to describe the sensations. I used to get restless legs. I believe my legs are better, you betcha."

Review Verified on 5/22/2012
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